Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bouncing Back.

Hey everyone,
So my husband is out of town for the first time without me and the last couple of days have been a straight up silly pity party. I was moping around,  laying on the couch, not really motivated to do anything. Yesterday I had to make myself go out and hang with my family members for support. I really missed my DH, but I also have a lot to do before school starts and  I couldn't seem to just get started on it all.

This morning that all had to change, that pity party was enough, and there was a part of me that knew I had to get to Jesus, to God to pull my self out of the muck.  So I did I read the word, I prayed and God was talking to me about having perspective.  THe thing for me to realize so that I do have motivation and keep moving even if I'm not super excited about the task itself, is to know that my life is in service to God, and therefore in service to his people.
Also an empowering thought is to know that I am an heir of Christ and a child of God through adoption. That means that spiritually and naturally I am made of the same stuff as the creator Himself.
Ralph Lauren's children all say that their style idol's are their parents, they can't help but have style running through their veins.   Likewise, I can't help but to be like God in the earth.  I am made of the stuff and have the potential to reflect Jesus in everything I do. The greatest commandment to "Love you neighbor as yourself" becomes your very life.

Also when you know that God is with you and for you and in you, you begin to have confidence. You know that whatever happens God is right there, giving you strength to do His will, to live this life.
How many hurtful things happened to Jesus, but Jesus kept his eye on the Father, and what His Father asked him to be and to do in the earth. Your mind being in peace, being able to allow people's hate to roll of your back, being cool, and above all that, has to do with your faith and confidence in who God created you to be, and what God asks you to do.

I am a teacher and sometimes, it is not easy waking up every morning with that weight, but  one thing is for sure, God is with me ,and their are many opportunities throughout the day for God to be revealed through me, to help someone, to serve someone. Jesus beared it all: ridicule, injustice, hatred, name calling, lying, and he prayed to the Father for strength to endure it all; and also he understood that it wasn't necessarily about him.  He had perspective and God kept his mind through it all.

I pray that God keeps my mind through this journey here.  I have confidence to know that my life is meant to serve a greater purpose than myself. God is orchestrating my life to fulfill his will, and I surrender to his will.  I pray that God calls to my remembrance who He is and who I am in Him, remembering his word.

Today I am freer to live, I can walk out the house not depressed because of what  I lack, but impressed with all that I have.   Love lifted me again.

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