Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hair update 1.11.11

Hair experiment! 

My hair was feeling reaally parched after the cold dry winter and an aphogee 2 minute reconstructor I did the other day.  So today, it was deep condition time!!!! YAY!!!!!
A natural curlygirls heaven! 
on the right :  Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner
on the left: Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp conditioner.....
all natural, but Giovanni has some light protein 

Hair is still wet but the right side was more bouncy and springy, yet smooth and soft!!! 
Left side (oyin) felt yummy soft! looser curls and more elongation.. maybe more moisturizing

The jury is still out on which I like better, we'll see if the breakage stops after all the protein i've been doing. Pray saints :-) 

love ,


  1. so I've decided that the oyin handmade side is softer, but i'm experiencing less breakage from the giovanni side... I think i'm gonna go with giovanni for now, and mix in oyin every now and then until the breakage stops.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll give them a try when I finish all the products I already have. btw, I'm dealing with breakage too =(

  3. @ Tiffany,
    welcome welcome, ooo, I hate breakage! it was bad right after I dyed my hair black, and I straightened, and winter is just no joke!
    What else is in your hair cabinet?

  4. is it possible to have two different textures one for each side?
    my right side has always been a tighter curl than my left side.....