Sunday, August 19, 2012

Battle of the Leave-Ins.

Battle of the Leave-Ins.

Whether its moisture milk, a leave-in, or hair lotion.... we all know about them and they have become my favorite way to reinvigorate and moisturize my curls throughout the week.  I have tried a few and they are the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk and the Beautiful Curls- Curl Enhancing  Shea Butter Leave-in conditioner. OK both products are affordable, Shea moisture I got a Target for $9.99, and I think Beautiful Curls was 11.99 at Whole foods.   I have used Shea Moisture products for at least 2 years now with great results, and the Beautiful Curls which is an organic line made by Alaffia  I tried all summer long as a replacement  to the SM (shea moist.) style milk.


 SM style milk  -------   8!
 BC( Beautiful Curls) Leave -In conditioner a ------------ 5.

So SM wins this Battle of the Leave ins!


SM leaves hair feeling soft and manageable I can use it multiple times throughout a one week or even a two week period. Love that. I can also use it as a leave-in before I straighten my hair with great softness in my results or I can use it for a quick volume friendly twist-out! So many uses for only $10.00.

Beautiful Curls- I have used this as a leave- in to refresh a wash n go or a twist out. I'll use it as a base for a twist out. I have tried to use this in the same manner as the SM. The first time you use it, its all good, hair feels light and soft with good hold without too much oily feel.  But the CONS are awful... I feel like the product gives hair a "sticky" or "gummy" feeling and it doesn't have much slip at all.  IF you use it multiple times you have to keep applying it each day and hair starts to feel like it has build up. GROSSSSS!  Fail!  But I definitely used it up!

Try it for yourself, what are you fave leave- ins. I'd pass on the BC and get SM ASAP!

Love you all. God Bless.
Living Curly Free,

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