Thursday, April 26, 2012

ashes ashes, we all fall down, c. booth mask

c. booth Volcanic mud mask is the topic of the day sisters.
I went to my favorite round the way Rite aid, and what is  on sale and has been for the last month on MLK blvd? Organic and wonderful products, no body is buying this stuff and it is 75% off y'all. What!?!? I didn't even think twice these are amazing deals. I got stuff that is usually 15.00 for 4.00 Giovanni products y'all!
Today I went for a wonderful body butter with mainly shea butter! Delicious and my skin is loving it! That was 2.50 and was usually 10.00, and the other wonderful product was c.booth's  Deep Cleansing Volcanic mud Mask.  it was 25% off so it cost me 7.00 in all. Deal!

My experience.  I've heard some great things about volcanic ash and its effects on acne and black heads, so I couldn't wait to try this thing. 

It went on creamy, had a pleasant smell, and I felt like I was in one of those TV shows where the girl orders delivery with her funny lookin mask on. In short ,I felt like a grown woman!

As it was drying it was burning my eyes! I've had this experience before but that was my dietary sulfur MSM mask.  It must be the sulfur fumes.  But you can tolerate it,  it goes away as the mask dries, 
I left the mask on for 30 min.  and after rinsing off, my face really does feel like I had a great facial.  Really clean pores.  I'm going to try it every week for a while.

Update: Honeywash, I've stopped this, not because it didn't work, but I had all these products in my cabinet I needed to get rid of. 
Don't think i'll be going back to the glycolic acid, it was really harsh.  

Secret ingredient: Aloe vera gel. I use it to dilute my face wash and also in my face lotion, for a light but still moisturizing lotion

posts to come:
mood swings and 30's and over

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  1. Ooo, I may need to pick some of this up! Unfortunately, we don't have Rite aids so I won't get such a great deal!