Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shea moisture review!!!!! OH la la! Soo soft!

Hey everyone,
I've been loving this product line from  Shea Moisture. I got it at Target for $10 and is totally natural! The one I am loving is Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Hair Milk.
After washing and doing an Aphogee 2 minute Keratin conditioning treatment. I separated my hair into four big sections and then  double strand twisted the back in big twists and did four big flat twists in the front.  I also used some tea trea oil to seal ( I usually use olive oil) and then put Eco Styler Clear gel to set it.  Last step was to sit under the dryer for an hour and then voila!  Soft, defined beautiful curls!!!!!  I got four days out of this!

Next I'll be trying out their Deep treatment masque and their hold and shine moisture spray



  1. oh yes my sista...shea moisture is my new favorite thing!!! They also make/made an amazing body scrub with argan oil and some other yummy smells but I bought it from the clearance shelf and haven't been able to find more...they don't even have it on their website which makes me sad...but i got mad love for their hair products!!!


  2. Anoa, your hair looks great. I have (and love) the Deep Treatment Masque. I may have to check out the curl smoothie.

  3. @ Del-Mia I've gotta try the body scrub, I'm definitely in love with their stuff
    @Tiffany I can't believe I'm just reading these comments. Do you like the moisture masque, I can't get with it for some reason, my hair does not like it! lol! now adays I gotta go with the giovanni or oyin handmade