Monday, February 20, 2012

Chemical free, Natural Body care

Past couple of weeks I've decided to try a few more ideas. 

I've put down the glycolic acid, it was drying out my lip areas. not cute! And I tried a neutrogena gel anti-stress face wash. That also I feel was too drying for around my lips. Some how the wash itself, I believe moves its way down to that area even if I try to avoid placing product there.  So I've been researching some other ways of taking care of my skin more naturally.

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar, as an astringent.  Only on affected areas cause this stuff is strong and will tingle :-)
So far so good- and cheaper than a drug store astringent. The smell is pretty strong but it wears off after a while.

I was also looking for a face wash. I tried plain aloe vera gel, but it doesn't have the same cleaning properties as other washes, so I've been trying another suggested home remedy....HONEY 

This beautiful and delicious natural product was right in my kitchen (I prefer it in my tea) and it has amazing antibacterial and healing properties. Only used it for two days -twice a day but already it has been so much more gentle than those products.
Method: 1)  take about a quarter or half/dollar amount and apply with fingers massaging on a dry face. 
2) Massage until really tacky and then rinse off with warm water.  
3) Follow up with your toner and then moisturizer 

Results: 1) you'll notice that your skin doesn't feel stripped like a sulfate(soap) will cause. 

Try it, and see if it works for you.   I will let you know if I notice any changes in my skin. 


Turning the BIG 3.0

AGfreed 3.0
The newest model of me :-) I recently celebrated my 30th birthday and wanted to give a few of my thoughts on the milestone.

How did I feel the day before?
Horrible! lol Like my life was over, silly me

How do I feel now?
Great! I love the idea and the reality of being 30. 

What's great?
Being able to really say, " I'm too old for that!"  anything that is just nonsense!

Having others treating me with a bit more credence and respect.
Not feeling like I'm a baby any more.
Having enough life experience to help others.
Being myself and not caring so much what others think.

Metabolism is slower, more trips to the gym.
Tired more often.
Feeling of more responsibility and sensing time as more fleeting.

All in all I'm happy with my life. I have an amazing husband. I have a good career, I'm settled in a great church. I have a wonderful life. And I"m right where I'm supposed to be.

Can you think of how you feel about the 3.0 model of yourself?  Benefits? Downsides? Resolves?

What's freeing about that milestone?

Talk to me,