Friday, December 10, 2010

Shea -moisture deep treatment masque review....

Hello everyone,
Thanks for the love! Welcome welcome to my blog!
OK so last night I decided to try the shea-moisture deep treatment masque not as a deep treatment but as a styling cream for my twistout.
I did not wash the hair, I just wet it in sections applied the masque then did my normal seal with tea tree oil and eco styler gel to finish it all off. Sat under dryer for 30 min.
THIS IS A NEGATIVE. I didn't like it as a styler, it left my hair with a wierd film, and when I applied it I didn't feel like it had a lot of slip. I might try it for what it was meant for, but I heard it could double--not for me! lol IT wasn't horrible... but it wasn't great either. I'll let you know what I thought of it as a moisture masque.

dont laugh, the back was a little suspect today.   

Up next: My hairstory. 

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