Tuesday, June 26, 2012

To Juice or Not to Juice, back to basics

Green Juice, Orange Juice, even Purple juice!
My husband and I have recently gone a cruise and celebrated our two year anniversary in style. Yay G-unit! (Green Team)
Its only befitting that we go on a nice juice-feast to restart our bodies and cleanse our bodies as we enter our third year of marriage! WOW!   We were inspired by the movie "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" on juice feasting. Check it out, it encouraged us to keep going even though we didn't do the 60 days that is prescribed in the movie.

All I have to say is that I loved the Juice- feast, in fact, now that its over-- I miss it. The benefits include: detoxing and restoring health to all your cells with fresh vibrant micro nutrients. Fabulous!
Weight loss I loss about 8 lbs total. After the first day, lost about a pound a day. and did plateau on day 6. 

 Process and Results: No food, just juice for 7 Days. 

The first day was a killer, I was hungry every 1.5 hours, and cranky.
2nd day: Anniversary day: juiced until our anniversary dinner (cheated a little) weight loss: 5 lbs!!!
3rd day: back on juice- fruit juice in the morning, two green juices throughout the day and a fruit juice 2 hours before bed.
4th day: Juicing and exercise. I  couldn't believe it but I actually exercised for 30 minutes. I thought I would pass out, but I guess I had enough stuff in my body to burn through, the juice gave me energy too
5th day: Feeling Good.  Juicing and wanting to lose more weight
6th day: Stomach feeling flat. I liked that  feeling and I had a lot of energy
7th Day: Went to church, and that tired me out a bit. Juiced but took a nap, walked for 30 minutes.
8th day- raw food and soup --- I didn't like eating so much again, except the fruit tasted excellent. My taste buds are totally refreshed.
Today: I made an awesome dish that I'll tell you about in another post.

I'm feeling good, not only for vanity's sake, but there was a real spiritual brokeness that came through. You'd be amazed at how much time you have to do other things, besides think about food. We even avoided going out a lot because we didn't want to be tempted. It all smelled so good.

How do I feel right now? Great. I am on a bit of a vacation too, but I think even three days would have been good for me.  I also am excited to discover new food and tastes and eat more raw food and plants and less pasta(WHICH I LOVE) and potatoes (WHICH I LOVE!) but added some weight that was not cute!

My Goal is to have a more healthful life. Make my health more a priority. I feel excellent just by eating more of the things on God's green earth.

Stay tuned For more on this new endeavor in the Raw Life.
 For recipes just ask I'll point you in the right direction, although a google search is all we used.

Staying Free


  1. Yaaay! Kenneth and I did it from June1st to the 8th. So, 8 days and I lost about 7lbs! I felt clearer in my mind and emotions, which was SO good! I walked for about 30-45min, but it was hard. I could tell I was tired. I miss it too! I wanted to go longer, but fell off.

    Ken is keeping his weight off and doing mostly fruits and veggies. The four of us should go try 30 days!!

  2. Thats awesome LaSandra! Go team Hutch.
    Feel you on the emotions and mind, although sometime, I think I was disoriented, forgetting things, etc. but that could be my 30's knocking :-)
    I wonder what 30 days would do for us! A total reboot for sure, what a great way to bring in a new year of marriage right? for you guys too. I already feel encouraged hearing you say that, even with your family. Did the kids try the juice?

  3. Nice Blog !! : )

    1. Thank you! I appreciate that and come back visit any time.