Saturday, January 14, 2012

aloe/ msm mask, face reggie

Happy Saturday
I hope everyone has a great weekend planned even if it to rest and spend time recharging.  I plan on doing some recharging for sure and of course taking care of some business.

Im going to go ahead and tell you what my new skin regimen has been this past couple of weeks, and really in the last week I've noticed a significant change in my skin.

Back before I got married, I was getting facials and glycolic peels every week for like 6-8 weeks. It was great and my skin never looked so good, it was glowing!
Now that i'm not doing that any more I've gotta find something that works for me, and I have started back using this glycolic facial cleanser and I was getting so desparate I started to use a glycolic peel (8%) from Skin Effects.
I got mine from CVS around here.  So I went hard on that and I also bought a battery operated facial brush/pad Wave by Neutrogena
Now I felt like the mix of the glycolic peel plus the sonic wave dried out my skin somewhat, and so I've only done that every other day, but in between that I also went for the msm mask.
I have to say that my skin is really cleared up alot, of course I still have the hyperpigmentation, but as for breakouts, i'm in the clear. 

I really think the peel helped but I really also think the msm masks helped to restore healing to my skin as well as helped to detox the skin cells on my face.  I've done the mask every other day.

INgredients ( all the rest of the aloe vera gel in my hair bin) and 1 msm pill 1/4 teaspoon.  I mixed it up and let it sit and its ready for use whenever. 
The application is smooth but does make my eyes water, like I'm cutting onions. I let sit for 10-15 minutes until it dries and wash off with wash cloth or even the wave. 

Its been an eye opening process that I can do something for my skin myself without visiting the aesthetician! And that there are some natural ways to heal your skin. I'm looking forward to many more natural remedies. Its been so awesome already.

Till next time,

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