Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: Me My Man and his Music

Hello lovelies,
Happy Holidays! Happy Kwanzaa! Today is Kujichagulia - self- determination. There are so many things to reflect upon in this past year.  I have been recently blessed to sing and lead praise and worship at my local church, Word of Life Christian Community Center.  It has been a chance to grow in ministry and also given me an ability to grow in God like never before.  In the spirit of Kujichagulia I am determined to follow the will of God in this area of Worship, and prayerfully submit to his leading as He forms and reveals His plan for my life.

This Holiday season, I've been relaxing and just finished a great book aimed for gals like me "Musicians' wives" It is called "Me, My Man, and his Music."  As a newlywed wife of a musician, Tim Green, I have always looked for support and resources and there seemed to be a lack of books for my particular type of marriage.

I love this book by Kim Mcquitty, because she gets really honest about what worked and what didn't work. She explained how a wife of a musician is going to have an untraditional marriage and to see the beauty of that as well as try to understand the complexities of it.   It was really eye opening and increased my faith in God and also my appreciation for my husband and the calling that is on his life!

If you are the wife of a musician get yourself a copy of this book, if you know anyone who would be interested go to her blog and amazon and support Kim McQuitty.

Buy her book here

Thankful for another year of freedom in marriage,

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