Monday, January 17, 2011

Hair Clinic update

Still on my hair rehab. tip.   I tried a new product, well two new products that I"ve been eyeing.
1) Giovanni - xtreme protein infusion  - its on the same wave length as Aphogee keratin 2 minute 
Review- Felt really soft but strong, without the mineral oil and chemicals that aphogee has in it
I think I might prefer it, but it'll take some time to really see if it helps with the breakage

2) Shea moisture african blk soap scalp elixir- good for anti dandruff or itchy scalp.
I sprayed and massaged it in after washing, so we'll see but my scalp feels wonderful after the acv rinse i did and all the massaging.  More on this one later

3) one more- I used Oyins- whipped shea butter to retain moisture this time for my twist out.... I have to say, my hair feels really soft and awesome. I'm attributing this to the shea butter I usually use olive oil which is good too, i actually did one twist with evoo and it does feel a tad bit softer (oops)  again we'll see. 

What are your favorite sealers and oils, how do you care for you scalp, esp during winter? 


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