Thursday, December 16, 2010


Winter is officially here.
Where I live, it is  CoL.D. as my dad used to say.  I hate it! I am always waiting till the last second to get my thermal gloves and have to make more time to scrape all the frost from the windshield, and I have to get a hat that actually works!  I haven't owned a real puffer coat since my  days in Chi-town, but I just ordered one, because I want to live free from frigidity!!!!! I wanna be able to go out and walk about and not be bound to the home front! you know?
THe air is dry outside, inside, my face is getting dry, had to buy a new moisturizer! And don't even let me get started on my hair! It is feeling like this

So I am not playing, I got the Shea moisture on hand, and what I'm preferring to do is to shampoo and really just do a deep treatment and my usual.   I'll keep you posted to see if it works out better.  I haven't been doing protective styling really so, but it may be a necessity if I have to do this often.  

Love you all,
Freely living.

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  1. Yeah, I miss that black puffer coat;)

    It is cold here too child! It seems like the "hawk" always sneaks up on me when I am unprepared!