Thursday, December 9, 2010

jazz as african american classical music

Been reading up on different black musicians and composers, and came upon this quote
"Jazz is African American Classical Music, created from the hearts, lives and souls of black folks in America," states Rev., Dr. Myers

This was interesting to me because i've been thinking about how we as black musicians can go forth in being creative artists.  I thought about mainstream music: R&B, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop music, etc. then I thought about classical music and also jazz.

So lots of American music draws from jazz music, and even R&B and these other pop musics also draw from this  art music.

Looking at Dawson's Negro Folk Symphony and Still's Afro symphony, I've heard the influence of jazz and spirituals.  Some of it sounds very much like how Gershwin treated his music influenced by black music.  To be honest, it is cool, but some times it can be corny. I don't know... maybe I just don't have the revelation yet. It just doesn't sounds very original, I guess.  NOw Summerland, by Still does speak to my soul, and it doesn't sound trite.  Its just beautiful.

I have to say my mind is changing! Maybe it has to do with being married to a jazz musician in combination with reading Woodson's Miseducation. I am convinced that there is real revolutionary purpose out there for black musicians and composers.

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