Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good evening ladies and gents,
So I want to update a bit. I have had several encounters in the past week that have been pushing me in the direction of holistic wellness.  The things I am most interested in on that deep level, quite naturally have to do with coming to a place of physical, mental or spiritual wellness.  Body, Mind, Spirit.  It started with natural hair, then natural skin care and use of herbal remedies, and now more body health. Always with a nature made twist.  I'm loving this for sure.

To give an update on my more RAW journey.  I have been doing more salads, which are great for the summer (no cooking allowed :-)) And I have kept the practice up of juicing.  Too expensive at conventional market, but perfect for the awesome farmers market nearby. 

Since doing the blog on the uncooked couscous, I learned that couscous is a type of pasta and has gone through some type of process already.  Great information and I love preparing couscous still with a bit of olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Light, fluffy, better than fries or heavy noodles.

The next part of all this-- the wellness path is getting that exercise in. ooooooh, just ooooh! That has always been an area of CHALLENGE! But once its gets a part of my life, then I'll be addicted.

Oh on addictions! My coffee cravings have definitely reduced, I have had coffee since I started back on work, but its less and no sugar recently.  I may move to decaf.

Also on addictions. I love juicing! I love the juices that I make, and they make me feel great!

Lessons learned:
The more you do something, the more it becomes a habit and craving.

 For now we'll keep that balance of healthful food going, without becoming a manic crazy person.  May you all move toward your best selves this summer.


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