Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KISS- Keep it simple

Hello ladies and gents,
I'm wanting to know more about adding fruits and veggies in my diet. Here's the update...
I've had some carb binges that I'm not proud of it, but thing is, mostly I feel like the pizza and normal Chinese food aren't that tasty. Makes me feel like ugh!  Sometimes I'd rather have a good salad. yes Forreal.

So my thing is I try to keep it simple and get things that you can rotate on a reg basis
Tonite it was simple: dinosaur kale, curried couscous(near east brand) and BBQ tofu. I was afraid that BBQ and curry wouldn't mix, it actually worked out. My lunch was a nice simple garden salad.
I am also trying out a couple IMF different greens: the dinosaur kale, Swiss chard, and radish greens.

Review on dinosaur kale:

very hearty and lots to chew, I gotta do my research but Gotta be lots of vitamin and minerals in that. I got them cheap at my local farmers market.
What else is out there that I should try? I'm getting excited about all the diff types of veggies out there.

And I also have to thank God even for the things he provided through mother earth. This journey has made me more thankful for the foods he provided for us to be healthy and happy.

*More on  Dinosaur Kale

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