Sunday, January 8, 2012

Adult Blemishes, MSM powder natural remedy

Hey Lovelies,
This post is for all those who deal with adult blemishes also known as acne, also known as a thorn in my side!!  I've dealt with pretty serious acne since I graduated college and it has really been something that I've had to manage over the years.
At first I thought I wasn't drinking enough water, but I also had a higher level of stress due to becoming a working adult, and I believe my body just couldn't handle all the toxins that stress was creating.
I love my mother because, not only is she a great mom, but she suggested taking some of these vitamins to help, and I tried them.  The one that worked for me the most was MSM methylsulfonate. It is a wonderful dietary sulfur that we should get from eating raw fruits and veggies if they are grown with rain water.  Of course I do eat my fruit and veggies but that rain piece may not always come into play.

So I usually take about 3-4,000 mg of the powder, with orange juice each morning, and it really has changed my life in terms of my skin.  I still get break outs and if I run out of the powder, my skin flairs up again in a horrible way.  I recently ran out 2 months ago and I am still trying to get my skin back under control with the MSM which is something I need.

Today I tried something different,
I made an MSM mask to help with some of the acne scarring, i'm just experimenting but I'll let you know if it helped to dry up some of the acne and improve the hyperpigmentation.  I don't want to share any recipe yet unless I know its going to work, so wish me luck in my homeopathic lab :-)

Until next time,
Stay Blessed!

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  1. day after, my skin feels really smooth, and some of the inflammation I had even some of those little blemishes dried up and smoothed the surface of my skin.

    Today I tried an aloe msm mix, and can't wait to see how this will benefit my skin!