Friday, November 18, 2011

Mother Wort works for me!

Hello all,
I don't know if I've made this known before, but I suffer from anxiety on a pretty regular basis. I can't say I've had panic attacks, but I certainly have an active mind that dreads normal everyday things.  Crazyiness!
Now I know that it is genetic, but I didn't know what my parents used to call "nervous energy" until I've experienced it as an adult.  I realized that the bad thoughts I have on a daily basis are a condition of the mind and that its not that I don't love, trust or believe in Jesus, its because I'm human.

The moment I realized this was when after having a sustained episode of anxiety, nervousness. I was sick and tired! Wondering, what was wrong with me! Praying "Peace be still' to my nerves that just wouldn't calm.  I searched on youtube for an answer, and a natural remedy showed up.... two actually.

The first, Passionflower, it is an herb that when taken calms the nerves and eases blood pressure, but may make you drowsy.
The second, Mother Wort, is also an herb and has a calming effect on the smooth muscles, including the heart.

I tried the Passionflower first, and definitely had relief in 5 minutes of taking it!!!! Thank you Lord.  The background of passionflower is amazing, it has been a symbol to some of Christ.  Because of this I felt like the Lord was with me helping me find relief.

The next day the things that I normally dread were no big deal, and even when I did have accelerated nerves or had to yell at a kid at school, my nerves did not stay there!  Hallelujah.  Now its only been 3 days, but I will keep you posted as to if this will be a normal part of my regimen.  I feel like myself again, I finally feel free!!!

Living Freed,


  1. I'm glad you found something to help! The more I find out about natural remedies the more I'm in awe- the Lord is good!