Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm the adult

The bottom line today was that I had to act in my adult mode. I can't get crazy, I can't lose it. I show that I am an adult by being in control of my actions and my emotions.

Some kids were testing me today, and I can't say I passed completely.  One kid in particular bugs me, because he just has this arrogant attitude, and he displays a bad model for other students. I need to address his behavior, but it should probably be when it actually occurs. He is older so I can hit him with the mature thing, but I know that he is still a kid.  He still acts like one, completely.  OK, also as a Christian I realize that his potential is not there, and that is not my ministry. IT just isn't so I really should give my attention to folk I can actually impact and help.  NOt ignore the individuals, but just understand that if they don't get it, then they just wont get it with me.   I'm ok with that and I need to invest my energy and mental space on those I came here for.  Perhaps these individuals can be ministered to by someone else, but it doesn't seem to stick with me.  Lord purge me from any evil, allow your love to flow deeply through my veins. Give me the wisdom to deal with every situation.

God allow me to be the adult at all times, but still be loving and your child.  with your heart as my heart. Thank you Jesus for your word that melts even the hardest heart.  Give me a clean heart that I may serve you alone.
Thank you for dying for me and allowing me to have access to this free life. I'm sooo blessed ! I want to say thank you for rescuing me and allowing the privilege to work with these talented  young musicians.

your child


  1. Hey! You didn't tell me you started a blog! Trying to "sneak" around the blogosphere, huh?

  2. Hey Anoa,

    I just found your blog...from LaSandra's. Oh, the days of teaching. The testing of middle schoolers...I remember it like it was yesterday:)

  3. uh oh you guys found me! ha ha! I was trying my hand at it. Gotta say LaSandra you got this bloggin thing down!
    @Tiffany, I know you miss those sweethearts :-)