Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Answering the Call

I hate to only post when things are going good for me. But we are encouraged by one another's testimonies. 

I believe God has done amazing things through simple spending time with Him and seeking my purpose and calling. I've been reading some and trying to get to the bottom of my "calling"/  my purpose.

What I have discovered over the past couple of months, as I've been "filling in" for my pastor's wife as praise and worship leader (first timer) is that I am called to do this!  Although it hasn't been easy or flowed every time.  I've noticed that God speaks to me about which songs to do, my personality is really well suited to giving adoration praise and glory to the Lord.

I've also noticed that my urge to make a big deal about "what is beautiful" is fulfilled in leading and worshiping the Lord.  I am so thankful! So grateful for this news, because I have a level of faith and confidence that God is with me and has placed His gracious hand on me to do this! Thank you Lord!

AGFREED! for real y'all!

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