Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sound of melodies

Hey there,
Its been a while, and I've been up to great reflection and some walking in my truth :-)
I played a recital on Monday, and it was such a great experience! I felt like I was really getting some of my music out! Even the rehearsal process was super interesting and revelatory.
I also discovered that my temperament is a Melancholic according to Aristotle's four temperaments.  This has made my life significantly more interesting and I understand a great deal more about myself and about my relationship with others and with God.
Portrait of a Melancholic temperament.

  •  Melancholy
    1. Conscientious, SJ - Guardian - The melancholy is an introverted temperament type. His natural style is analytical and perfectionist. He is the most moody of types ranging from highly "up" to gloomy and depressed. During his low periods he can be very antagonistic and does not make friends easily. He is the most dependable of the temperaments due to his perfectionist tendencies. His analytical ability allows him to accurately diagnose obstacles and problems, which often keep him from making changes - he prefers the status quo and may seem overly pessimistic.
    He may choose a difficult life vocation involving personal sacrifice. Many melancholies become doctors or scientists or artists. Their interpersonal style can be critical and negative. He tends to be more indecisive than other types. They have difficulty giving praise and approval because they cannot bring themselves to say something that is not 100% true. They also are usually dissatisfied with themselves being highly self-critical.
    Other weaknesses include being "thin skinned" or touchy and easily offended. He often feels persecuted and may seek revenge for real or imagined insults. He tends to be "all or nothing" in his evaluation of things; everything must be black or white and no shades of gray. He is least likely to consider mitigating circumstances when evaluating a person or situation. No temperament is more likely to be legalistic and rigid. He can be intolerant and impatient with those who do not see things his way.

This is amazing to me because it describes me to a tee.  Anyway I've decided some things about my true gifts and strengths and I plan on putting myself behind those things, I know that I should be playing my instrument more to assuage the title wave that beats upon the shores of my heart from time to time.   Thank God for understanding, clarity, and the enjoyment of life! 


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